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Save your Time

Whether you want to add up your working hours, fiddle about with your newest running times or figure out the total duration of your newest CD - with Time Calculator it is done in no time!

Time Calculator is powered by a little jQuery-Plugin I made, called timecalc.js. So if you're a developer, and you want this functionality for your own web project, click here.

Supported Formats

You can enter your hours in the following formats:

01:30:151 Hour, 30 Minutes, 15 Seconds
:40:0540 Minutes, 5 Seconds
::751 Minute, 15 Seconds

2,52 Hours, 30 Minutes
2.52 Hours, 30 Minutes

Coming Soon

Natural Language support for inputs like this:
1 Hour and 15 Minutes
2 Minutes and 3 Seconds